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About Us

Video Art Productions is a renowned professional company which provides video-graphy services for any occasion.

We at Video Art Productions have set ourselves apart because we emphasize the importance of creating your personal touch to make your event as meaningful as possible. In doing so we incorporate your ideas, choice in music and any other reasonable addition you may require.

Regardless of the budget our is to always maintain the highest level of professionalism in providing premier quality services for which we are renowned.

Please feel free to contact us at any time, our friendly staff would be glad to assist you.


Meet Our Team

Video-grapher and Editor-in-Chief Mr. John Marshall began shooting videos in 1989 as a hobby for the love of being behind the camera. This hobby manifested into a true passion for video and birthed as a small business.

With over 23 years experience, Mr. Marshall is known for his magical and fairy-tale wedding videos and excellent video-graphic skills. A keen eye and vivid imagination allows him to tailor the character and personality of each client.

Executive Administrator and Assistant Editor Ms. Jenna O'Neal-Marshall grew up knowing of her father's passion in video-graphy. When she became of age she decided to join the family business to add a modern feel and youthful approach to her dad's sharp skills. Bringing inspiration to her dad's business, Jenna is also responsible for emailing and meeting clients both local and international, and takes on the majority of the office duties.

With fresh ideas and raw talent this father and daughter duo are the friendly faces and creative master-minds of Video Art Productions.


Yours Forever...We Do!