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Video Art Productions have over 20 years experience in video, with that experience comes a world of knowledge which we impart into every job, we are one of the premiere video companies on the island.

Local Wedding

We have a number of videography packages from which to choose, call us and we will sit with you and discuss your options to ensure you get the most from your wedding video.

Destination Wedding

We provide videography services for persons visiting the island who wants to have their special moment captured. Email us your information and we will make your wedding video a dream come true.

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  • Local Wedding
  • Destination Wedding


We provide videography services for persons visiting the island who want their special moment captured.

Local Weddings

We have a number of packages to choose from, call us today to discuss your options for that dream wedding.


We also provide videography services for funerals, please give us a call today to arrange a meeting.

TV Shows

We shoot programs for television, seminars, graduations, documentaries, infomercials and so much more.


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About Us

Video Art Productions was founded in 1989.

20 years experience is a key component to our success.

Why choose Video Art Productions?

Wedding Tips

Image Choose Video Art to shoot the wedding.
Image Have a clear understanding of what you want.
Image Tell us when the rehearsals are.
Image Anything you are unclear of be sure to ask us.

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